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FAQ - Stock 100 Icon Challenge [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Stock 100 Icon Challenge

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FAQ [Aug. 20th, 2007|02:24 am]
Stock 100 Icon Challenge



Have a question about stock_100? See if the answer is here! If it's not, feel free to ask it! :)


- How many subjects are we allowed to claim?:
At one time, you are allowed to claim two things. So the most you can have at one time is two, and it can be anything. There is not limit into what you claim. It also does not matter how many subjects you claim while you are a member of the community.

- I have submitted a claim to the claims post, but it was unapproved. What happened?:
There could be several factors.
1. You must not have joined the community.
2. You must not have read the rules.
3. The claim is already taken by max. three persons.

- How many icons do I have to do once my claim has been approved?:
You are given the option of doing either 50 or 100 icons; you will be asked to state how many you wish to complete before your claim is approved anyway, but it's good to know!

- If I only do 50 icons, do they all have to be the themes?:
No. You can, of course, make all 50 follow these themes if you wish, but it is only required that HALF (25) of the icons you are claiming be themed. So if you are doing 50, you only have to do 25 themed icons (and they do NOT have to be 1-25, they can be any 25 you want) and if you are doing 100, you will have to make 50 of your icons fit the specified themes. For full details, please see The Themes Post.

- Can we use icons that we submitted for icontests in our 100 icons?
NO you may not.ou must make 50/100 new icons.

- If I claim a special subject, like Flowers, can I include other themes in the icon?:
Of course as long as the point of your claim is to focus on that special subject.

- If I claim a general subject, like Nature, can I include anything else in the icon?:
Of course as long as the point of your claim is to focus on that general subject.

- Is animation allowed?
Certainly. Anything is allowed here, just as long as you use the 50 themes. Then you can certainly use or do whatever you want. But don't make every single or every other icon animation.

- Can we post two versions of icons made from the same base as two separate icons?
Using the same cap and/or base is allowed, but you must make significant changes between the two.

- I'm not going to be able to finish my claim by the indicated date! Can I ask for an extension or do I just get my claim taken from me?:
Yes, you may ask for an extension. The longest extension you will be allowed is two weeks. If you need anything longer, it will be up to the discression of the current moderator whether or not you will be granted it.
You may ask for an extension in any posts the mod(s) themselves have made. If you need more time and do not contact a mod, your claim will be revoked.

- Something's come up and I'm now unable to complete my claim; am I allowed to drop it?:
Of course. I understand that things happen in life that are more important than making LJ icons, and I even understand if you suddenly lose interest in your claim. You are not going to be forced to complete the claim if you are unable or unwilling. The only thing you have to do is inform a mod and they'll handle it.

- If I drop a claim due to one reason or another and I've already done, let's say, half of my icons, would I have to start all over again if I decided I wanted to reclaim said subject?
No, not unless you want to. If you have to drop your claim, you're free to come back and pick up where you left off whenever it's convenient for you. I just need to know whether or not you'll be starting over.

- I've finished my claim! Now what do I do?:
First, please let me know at the Hall of Fame and include a link to your batch(es). After that, you're free to either claim something else, wait for something else or sit back and enjoy the lovely work of others. If you fail to comment to the Hall of Fame post, your batch(es) will be added to the list, but you will NOT receive a banner of completion until you comment.

- Can I do more than one claim at a time?:
Yes, you can do up to two claims at a time, either 50 or 100 icons. It's up to you whether you want to do them. If you think you can complete both before your final deadlines, then try it!